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Aluminum Composite Panels with Non-Combustible Corrugated Metal Core and Color Coated Aluminum Sheets on either sides manufactured using Hi-tech Lamination technology. SINCO is available in various Colors, Finishes, and Sizes. Non-Combustible corrugSated Aluminum Core provide enhanced Fire Resistance and Light weightiness for the SINCO. SINCO is classifed as Class A2 as per DIN 4102-1 and certified as Low emitting products and materials for General Construction materials/ Wall cladding by Greenguard Environmental Institute.

Advantage of Sinco over other Metal Composite Panels
Non-Combustible Core
Resistance to Heat
Light Weight
Eco Friendly (Fully recyclable)
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Aluminum composite panel is consists of two sheets of aluminum, sandwiching with a solid core of extruded thermoplastic (LDPE).Core material formed in a continuous co-extrusion process with no glues or adhesives between dissimilar materials. This type of panels are used in less fire risk areas. Exterior of panel is Aluminum Sheet Coated with PVDF/Lumiflon and rear side is available as Mill Finish / Polyester Service Coat / Chromate. The panels are available in standard as well as customized sizes, colors and finishes.



Aluminum Composite Panels with Fire-Retardant Mineral Core and Color Coated Aluminum on either sides; manufactured through continuous co-extrusion process. ACP (FR) is available in various Colors, Finishes, and Sizes. QNAP Fire-Retardant ACP composed of aluminum skins and the re-retardant core (non-combustible Mineral Filled core). It passes / exceeds all international Fire-safety codes & standards for exterior and interior applications. In Comparison with solid aluminum panels ACP (FR) is lightweight, rigid , at and Cost e┬Čective. Exterior of ACP is coated with fluorocarbon paint (PVDF/Lumifon) and the rear side is with a Service Coating / Mill Finish.